Nov 04, 2003



--The value of Soundcraft’s mid-priced, dual-function MH4 desk is no better served than in the example set by South London-based company, Gighire.

This middle ranking PA hire company are now into their THIRD MH4 desk — part of a systematic upgrade which took on new momentum when Gighire partner, Jon Pickett, first set eyes on the versatile new desk at last year’s PLASA Show.

The MH4 was specifically designed for companies such as Gighire, who need to maximise the efficiency of their inventory for all types of event, and can be used for FOH, stage monitors — or monitors from the FOH position.

“As a mid-sized company we implement an ongoing programme of stock replacement, and we are totally market driven,” said Jon. A few months after seeing the MH4 Gighire committed to a 40-channel desk, and in the following year they have added a further 40-channel board, and this month a 32-channel frame.

The last two of these he has purchased from Soundcraft dealers, Crystal Pro Audio, who are situated close to Gighire’s base in South Norwood. Director Tim Gray states, “The MH4 has been a very easy desk for us to sell.”

And while Gighire’s other two consoles were out on tour, handling FOH and monitor duties for Jane McDonald and Mark King respectively, Jon Pickett was collecting his third, “The MH4’s versatility was important to us. In addition, it represents exceptional value and build quality — and it also sounds absolutely great. The EQ has the familiar feel of Soundcraft, and the meters really do tell you where the signal is.”

The new bussing system provides maximum flexibility, whilst new mic pre and EQ designs give the console true 21st-century performance.

Gighire’s new MH4 will go straight out on a November theatre tour with Elvis Presley impersonator Liberty Mounten.

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