Nov 01, 2001


Flight 9 Links Up with Soundcraft

--Mobile satellite transmission and production company Flight 9 Satellite Services has purchased a 36-channel Soundcraft Series FIVE audio mixing console for its new state-of-the-art Truck 3. Much more a serious production facility with transmission capabilities than a standard satellite vehicle, the new truck is already quickly being booked up by the metro New York television broadcast community.

The console was specified by Time Frame Productions' Jim Parkinson, who, in turn, chose Jeff Kawalek of Kawalabear Productions to assist him with its installation. Kawalek, an independent broadcast and audio post-production engineer that frequently mixes for ABC shows like Good Morning America and The View, also served as the audio engineer on Truck 3's first official outing - a 33-hour uplink in Ocean City, Maryland for Shop NBC.

"The Soundcraft desk performed flawlessly on the truck's maiden voyage and the client was thrilled," recalls Kawalek. "Actually, my first experience with a Series FIVE was pulling this one out of its box and removing the end panels so we could fit it into the new truck. After connecting everything and switching on the power, I thought there was something wrong because when we turned it up, I didn't hear anything - and I can hear flies squeak at 100 yards! It was just that the noise floor of the console is so low; it's exceptionally quiet. Then, when we started running signals through it, the Series FIVE also proved to be beautifully clean with a powerful and sweet-sounding EQ.

"Aside from the Shop NBC project, we just used the desk on Publishers Clearing House's surprise million dollar giveaway commercial. Truck 3 did a satellite uplink that was televised live during NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and the spot sounded crystal clear. To be able to go live on the air and have it sound better than the commercials around it - which it did - really speaks volumes about the high production quality of both the Soundcraft console and Flight 9's Truck 3 in general."

Flight 9 President Dave Weingold, who designed, built and operated ABC's New York microwave truck The Blue Goose before starting his own company in 1989, additionally comments: "We saw the Series FIVE at the 2001 NAB Show and felt that it was a highly versatile and functional tool, particularly for its size, which was certainly an important issue. Having ten VCAs in such a compact footprint is great, and its 12 auxes make the board extremely well-suited to accommodate a diverse array of applications."

The Soundcraft Series FIVE, which features 28 mono and 8 stereo channels, is set up in Truck 3's center station along with four dbx 166A Compressor/Limiters, an Aphex Compellor and Dominator II, Rane Audio Delay and variety of playback devices, including CD, cassette, DigiCart and MiniDisc machines.

The truck's other facilities are also quite impressive, comprised, in part, of six Ikegami cameras with Fujinon lenses, Sony and Leitch video switchers, Chyron Duet and Aprisa graphics stations, six Sony Beta VTRs, a 40x40 RTS Adam intercom system, eight-channel RTS IFB system, four Telos Hybrids, 39 production monitors, two LNR Digital Stable Exciters and two MCL amps.

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