Apr 01, 2001

Houses of Worship

Fellowship Church Adds a Pair Of Five Monitor Consoles

--Each weekend, Fellowship Church, a contemporary house of worship in the Dallas area, attracts a total of approximately 12,000 people to its three services. To complement its existing Series FIVE front-of-house mixing console, the church has now added two Soundcraft FIVE Monitor desks, both purchased through Sound Productions of Dallas.

The FIVE Monitors - one a 52-channel/24-bus model and the other a 44/24 - are positioned backstage 'stage right' and connected via a data link cable to provide a combined total of 96 channels.

"All of our performers use in-ear monitors, and, on most weekends, I'm running anywhere between 7 and 16 stereo mixes for the praise team musicians and vocalists," says Mike Walker, stage manager and monitor engineer for Fellowship Church. "I have the band on one FIVE Monitor and all of the singers and effects on the other, so each vocalist gets his or her own personal stereo mix, which really helps everyone perform so much better.

"In my opinion, there is nothing on market in the FIVE Monitor's price range that competes with it. It's really accurate for in-ear monitoring use, and the smooth British EQ section and VCAs are great. It's also a very straightforward desk. We just did a live album project here at the church where I ran 24 separate mixes and used every output on both of the consoles. But, thankfully, the FIVE Monitors are laid out intuitively enough that, despite all of the complex routing, they were surprisingly easy to use. The Soundcrafts made it as simple as it could possibly be. If I was ever to go back out on the road again, I'd sure want to take these desks."

Soundcraft, a leading British manufacturer of high-end mixing consoles serving live, broadcast, theatre and recording markets, is distributed in the US by Harman Pro North America, a subsidiary of Harman International.

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