Mar 14, 2006


FIVE Monitor Takes The Stage At Sycuan

--El Cajon, California’s Sycuan Showcase Theatre, owned and operated by the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation, is well known throughout the San Diego area for bringing in popular talent like Cheap Trick, B.B. King, Michael McDonald, Smokey Robinson and many others despite the room’s rather intimate 500-seat capacity.

After renting monitor systems for larger shows over the past few years, the Sycuan Resort and Casino venue finally made the decision to invest in its own rig and asked San Diego’s J&E Pro Audio Supply to submit a proposal for a new stage reinforcement setup.

One of the primary pieces of gear that J&E specified was a 48-channel, 32-bus Soundcraft Series FIVE Monitor desk, which is now located on the right side of the theatre’s stage. “Even though Sycuan is a relatively small room, they certainly don’t skimp on their production quality,” says J&E’s Jaire Lopez (the ‘J’ of J&E, ‘E’ being his brother Enrique). “They had previously been renting a 24-bus FIVE Monitor, which they really liked; however, they wanted to increase their number of stereo in-ear monitor mixes up to 16, so the 32-bus version was perfect for them.

“The Series FIVE Monitor is a great desk. It’s solid, flexible, and certainly an ‘industry standard’ console for the high profile acts that Sycuan hosts,” he adds.

Aside from the Soundcraft monitor board, J&E also installed several other sister Harman International company products, including a BSS Audio Soundweb 9088iis, which is routinely applied across four of the monitor mixes, and 13 Crown I-Tech 4000 power amplifiers with onboard DSP to drive and process the venue’s stage wedges.

In addition to top-name concerts, Sycuan Showcase Theatre regularly hosts professional boxing matches, off-Broadway theatrical productions, and many other types of events, including a recent circus performance.

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