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Nov 11, 2014


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Engineer Eric Masip Adds Soundcraft Vi1 To His Mobile Inventory

LLEIDA, SpainProviding audio services for concerts, theater events and conferences, freelance engineer Eric Masip recently acquired a HARMAN Soundcraft Vi1 digital console to streamline his services into a compact but powerful mixing package. While supporting several live production companies, Masip uses his Vi1 for multiple situations, including monitors mixing, FOH mixing and live recording. The console was sold to Masip by Vtecnics En Ruta, through EARPRO, Soundcraft's distributor in Spain and Portugal.

With a versatile audio background, Masip wanted a new digital console that would complement his jack-of-all-trades work ethic. To that end, he relied on his previous experience with Soundcraft Vi Series consoles. With the Vi1, he gained the flexibility of a compact console, and the power of MADI protocols to distribute audio signals to other interfaces.

"Since I have previously worked with the Soundcraft Vi6, I am convinced that the Soundcraft brand is better for me than all of the others that I have tried," said Masip. "A freelance engineer like myself needs something portable enough to carry to shows, but also something powerful enough to provide quality services. Ultimately, I was impressed by the compact dimensions, clean interface, good sound and elegant design of the Vi1."

With BSS EQ's, Lexicon effects and Soundcraft FaderGlow illumination, the Vi1 console offers comprehensive mixing capabilities despite it being the smallest product in the Vi Series. Many engineers recognize a Soundcraft console by its intuitive layout and design, but the improved workflow is especially important for those that wear as many hats as Masip.

"The sound is really brilliant and clear, and it performs great with many of the top bands, but it's the workflow that is truly amazing, offering me a lot of possibilities during a show." said Masip. "The combination of the touchscreen and the vertical organization gives the console an analog-like feel, allowing me to operate very quickly, and the FaderGlow function is an excellent addition."

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