Jun 03, 2003

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Emerson drive hits the road with first MH3

--NASHVILLE, Tennessee - May 2003 -- Emerson Drive, hip young newcomers to the country music charts, took delivery of the first US-bound Soundcraft MH3 console in February. Sold by Greg Mace at GJM Sound in Placerville, CA, the band immediately took the 32-mono/4-stereo-channel dual-purpose desk out on its ongoing tour in support of its self-titled DreamWorks Nashville album released last summer.

Emerson Drive is currently using the MH3 as a dedicated monitor board everywhere it goes, from festival and fair dates to theaters and clubs. Engineer Carita Sword, who has been out with the group for over a year now, utilizes the desk's dozen auxiliaries to provide six stereo in-ear mixes for the band members, all of whom are using Shure PSM 600s outfitted with Ultimate Ears UE-5 and UE-7 custom molds. Group outputs from the board's kick and bass channels further drive a subwoofer positioned behind the drummer, while another group output is employed to deliver reverb sends across all of the mixes.

"Even with the minor delays of going out with a brand new desk for the first time, the band was absolutely thrilled with the MH3 from the start," says Sword. "The EQ sounds so incredibly nice. It's very reminiscent of the Series FIVE, which is such a rare treat to find on a board in this price range.

"Guitarist Danick Dupelle, in particular, has never been happy with the sound of his instrument in the monitors. Understandably, he's worked his entire life to achieve a certain tone, and so many times we've had to deal with inferior and outdated gear. But after the very first soundcheck, he shouted out 'I like it! It's so much better!' That moment was so refreshing as an engineer and for the rest of the group as well. The band absolutely loves this desk.

"Interestingly enough, in the short time that we've had our MH3, we've already come across three others out on the road. They're popping up all over the place. I think a lot of companies are pretty excited about its features and quality for the dollar. I know we were. The specs on this board were far beyond anything else in its price range."Although Emerson Drive's debut album has only been out for less than a year, the group has already garnered two top five country singles ("I Should Be Sleeping" and "Fall Into Me"), a number one video on CMT, and a Juno Award nomination. The band is currently putting the finishing touches on its second album for DreamWorks Nashville and will likely spend the remainder of the year touring North America with its MH3.

Available in 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 mono channel frame sizes, all with an additional four stereo channels as standard, the MH3 features eight group busses and 12 auxiliary busses in FOH mode, 12 monitor busses (12 mono, or eight mono plus two stereo) in monitor mode, the same new mic amp and EQ designs as the MH4, eight VCA groups and eight Mute groups with snapshot automation, true LCR panning and outputs, and an integral 12x4 matrix. Despite its impressive features, retail pricing on the largest 56+4 frame size tops out at a surprisingly affordable $28,995.

Soundcraft, a leading British manufacturer of high-end mixing consoles serving live, broadcast, theatre and recording markets, is distributed in the US by Harman Pro North America, a subsidiary of Harman International.

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