Jan 25, 2006



--Experienced West Country rental company ESP Production has continued its established relationship with Soundcraft — following the acquisition of a 32-channel MH2 from dealers, LMC Audio.

David Wynn, who set up the Yeovil-based company in 2001 by amalgamating his long established Climax PA business with local lighting company Nite-Lite, considered the purchase carefully when planning his current inventory overhaul.

ESP Production services the south of England — in both the concert touring and corporate sectors. In 2004 David purchased a 40-channel Soundcraft MH3 and followed this up with a secondhand 32-channel K3.

“I was delighted with both the MH3 and the K3 but needed a multipurpose board for house and monitors to enable the MH3 to function more permanently at front-of-house. When the MH2 came out it was a godsend — as a dual function desk it provided the opportunity to have 32 channels for monitors or front-of-house. It was the ideal footprint for the size of event we do, and of course I already knew the format from the MH3.”

David Wynn is highly impressed with the board’s facilities. “I am blown away with the matrix … it’s useful for recording and you can send signals to any place you want in corporate and broadcast situations.”

And yet despite his many years in the business, David is a recent convert to the culture of Soundcraft. “Having always found Soundcraft desks musical the MH3 was the first board that really excited me sonically — it certainly had the edge over other desks I have worked with — there’s much more focus on the EQ.”

“The MH2 follows the same philosophy, and while it doesn’t have the parametric mids, to all intents and purposes it’s the same desk and engineers who have used it have simply been blown away. It’s a highly intuitive board.”

As a result ESP Production now have a suite of desks ideally suited to their work roster, which includes theatre shows and festivals, ranging from Bruce Welch and the Shadows to the Trowbridge Folk Festival (with 37 acts taking part) and Eddie Cochran Festival.

The latter is an annual three-day festival at Chippenham (where the legendary rock ’n’ roller died). “Normally a 32-channel desk would be ideal but this year we will have the 40-channel MH3 at front-of-house and the MH2 will flip to monitors.”

Finally, the sound man has a special word of praise for Soundcraft dealer, LMC. “This was my first dealing with the company and I was very impressed with Steve King, who literally went out of his way to ensure sure that the desk was delivered the following day.”

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