Aug 01, 2002


Dimension Add Nine K1's For Commonwealth Games

--Conference and event specialists, Dimension Audio, have added nine new Soundcraft K1 4-bus consoles to their inventory, to service the growing remit of the Commonwealth Games.

Along with fellow Avesco plc group companies, Dimension have been awarded the status of 'Official Provider of Audio Visual Services to the Manchester 2002 XVII Commonwealth Games'. Managing director Colin Duncan says the original requirement has grown considerably, necessitating the commissioning of the additional mixing desks.

He purchased five 16-channel K1's from West Midlands-based Showcom Audio Ltd and a further four 8-channel rackmount versions from Marquee Audio. Eight will be distributed among the eight locations being serviced by Dimension (the ninth will be used for back-up).

Duncan wanted to be sure that the desks were sufficiently roadworthy for this application and the desks underwent significant environmental testing in conjunction with Soundcraft's QC department, to ensure the K1's met the unusually strenuous demands that they would be facing.

"The reason we have gone with Soundcraft is because we are convinced that they have met these requirements," he said. "No other desk offers a 4x4 matrix at such a reasonable price … in fact nothing else comes close."

He added, "While the K1's will be much more applicable in our core conference market, because of the broadcast requirements at the Commonwealth Games - and the fact that within the crowd areas at the different locations we are having to deliver audio to media, VIP and hard of hearing sections - somewhat different levels of control will be required. The K1 is therefore ideal."

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