Apr 05, 2001


Digital Mix for 'The Graduate' in London's West End

--The successful West End production of 'The Graduate' is moving into its second year, and although the role of Mrs Robinson has famously changed three times (including Kathleen Turner and Jerry Hall), the Soundcraft Digital 328 console is still controlling the production sound.

Mike Walker's innovative sound design, using an Apple Macintosh, an Akai sampler and the Soundcraft digital desk, is fully automated. There is no sound operator; instead, assistant stage manager Rose McIntosh oversees the system. "It was a bit scary when I first saw the faders moving of their own accord!" laughs Rose, who did study sound engineering as part of her course at drama college.

"There's a fair bit of music in between scenes, as well as sound effects to create the bar and party atmospheres. But for me, it's a couple of fades and restores, and the system runs itself for the duration of the show."

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