Mar 01, 2003

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Demsey Debuts Tour Tech's New MH4 With Idlewild

--Marquee Audio have supplied a Soundcraft MH4 audio mixing console to Tour Tech, which immediately went out with Idlewild, initially to support Coldplay on their European tour. "Idlewild was the perfect opportunity for Tour Tech to confirm the purchase of the MH4, which Dick Rabell had been considering for quite some time," said Glen Smith of Marquee.

The first engineer to use Tour Tech's new board was Glasgow-based Richie Dempsey, who took the MH4 out with Idlewild - supporting Coldplay in the US and Europe. Richie has been working with the band since the V2001 festival and he said that the combination of Tour Tech's support and the intuitive dependability of the desk made his life easy.

"Although the priority was Coldplay, Tour Tech's Jon Burton, who was babysitting the system, was really helpful." A matrix connection was provided from Coldplay's FOH desk straight into the MH4.

Richie is certainly no stranger to Soundcraft and still has fond memories of using their reverse panning facilities during his studio days back in 1990. "I have used Soundcraft boards regularly since then," he says.

With Idlewild, he was mixing three guitars, two vocals, bass, drums and acoustic guitar with pick-up, using 25 channels on the board and four stereo FX returns.

"We were playing back through a V-DOSC system which is fairly unforgiving - if you make a mistake you will be found out. Fortunately the MH4 didn't allow me to. The EQ sounded particularly good at the high end … I was able to roll off a bit of the high end and it sounded really nice.

"I really liked the desk prompts and the fact that it tells you what do with reference the mute groups and VCA's for example. You really couldn't fail."

Though the MH4 was mostly being set up in large-capacity arenas Richie looks forward to working with it again - particularly in more of a club situation - such as his local Kig Tut's.

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