May 02, 2003


Combo Give New Series 5/SM20 Festival Workout

--Lithuanian production company, Combo, have purchased a 48-channel Soundcraft Series 5 FOH desk, supported by a 56-channel SM20 monitor board from Soundcraft distributors, Midiaudio.

Established in 1992 their main focus until recently has been on local artists - from pop, jazz and classical orchestras. But Combo have also done a lot of work with international artists such as Mike Stern and David Sanborn, and with the help of these new Soundcraft mixers Combo will be better able to fulfil the technical requirements of such international artists touring the country.

The new consoles made their debut this month on the international jazz festival Kaunas Jazz 2003, where Combo were the main production company.

Pictured at the new Series 5 (left to right) are Dalius Nomicas, Midiaudio general manager; Rimas Kisonas, Combo general director; Egidijus Popovas, Combo monitor engineer, who operated the new SM56 at Kaunsus Jazz 2003, and Albertas Jankauskas - Combo FOH engineer.

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