May 01, 2000


Chris Evans Mixes with Spirit

--Virgin Radio recently took delivery of a 16-Channel Spirit Folio F1 for use on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show. The console, specked and operated by Chief Engineer Alex Lakey, was first used as part of the Virgin Outside Broadcast unit as Chris and his team spent a week broadcasting from Dublin.

Alex explains why the Folio F1 was his first choice of console,

“It’s a quality desk that’s compact with good features, like plenty of inputs and a good EQ. For what you’re getting it’s dead cheap too. It’s features include being switchable to external monitoring points and it has a mono output in the back, both of which are extremely useful. 100mm faders are rare on a desk of this size but they’re really handy. They give you much more control".

“For its first job we set the desk up in the Clarence Hotel in Dublin, which is owned by Bono, where we had a remote studio set up to do the news from. We also used it to provide a pre-mix before the signal goes to Chris when we had guests in, which included visits from Caroline Corr and Jimmy Nesbit from the TV show ‘Cold Feet’".

“The whole time we were out there the desk behaved beautifully. It’s great to have a submixer we can rely on. In the future, when we need a desk at a small outside broadcast, we have something that can do a multitude of jobs really well. We’ll have it available for for bands if they need a small mixer when they come in for sessions and we’ll be taking it out on the road again. We’re very pleased with it”.

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