Oct 01, 2001

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CenterStaging Sets the Stage with Soundcraft

--Following the completion of five new studios earlier this year, CenterStaging, one of Los Angeles' highest-profile rehearsal facilities, added a Soundcraft FIVE Monitor and SM20 to its inventory.

Currently celebrating its tenth anniversary in Burbank, CenterStaging specializes in prepping bands for performing on awards ceremonies and other television shows in addition to hosting touring pre-production. The facility also has 9,800-square-foot sound stage that is currently being leased by BET.

Depending on client requirements for the day, the 60-channel/24-bus FIVE Monitor console is regularly moved between CenterStaging's rehearsal rooms and has recently been used by Backstreet Boys, Blink 182, Christina Aguilera, Destiny's Child, Macy Gray, Missy Elliot, Moby, Tower of Power and others.

"The FIVE Monitor is easily one of our most requested consoles, particularly when stereo in-ear monitors are utilized," notes Andre Arango, CenterStaging's sound engineering manager. "Even when using the desk for the first time, I found its layout to be very easy to work on and thought it sounded absolutely awesome. In fact, I rarely have to do much EQing on the FIVE Monitor. Both vocals and instruments coming through the board have a pleasing warmth and musicality to their sound that alleviates the need for a lot of tweaking."

The SM20, a 48-channel model, is semi-permanently set up in 'Studio 6', which has been occupied by the band Guns 'n' Roses for the past six months. "Needless to say, the SM20 is also going over quite well here. G 'n' R has been using it for half a year now with absolutely no complaints," adds Arango.

The two desks were purchased as part of a Harman Professional Projects Group package, which included 36 Crown MA-36x12 amplifiers, several BSS FDS-334 Minidrives and 40 low-profile TTM129 monitor wedges custom built by JBL.

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