Aug 03, 2002

Houses of Worship

Canyon Hills Makes A Joyful Noise With MH4

--Canyon Hills Assembly of God Church in Bakersfield, California has become one of the world's first houses of worship to adopt a new Soundcraft MH4 mixing console.

Pacific West Sound (PWS), a design-build contractor and production company also located in Bakersfield, installed the church's 48-channel MH4 in May as part of a complete retrofit of the facility's ageing audio system. Located up in the sanctuary's wrap-around balcony, the desk is being called upon to run both the front-of-house and monitor sound, the latter consisting of six mono mixes for floor monitors and four stereo mixes for in-ear monitors.

The new MH4 replaces a 32-channel Soundcraft 200B that the church finally outgrew as its needs for inputs increased. The 200B, which has run faithfully on the same power supply since it went in 15 years ago, has now been relegated to the youth room where it will continue to serve Canyon Hills.

"The MH4 is a great sounding board," notes PWS president/owner Brent Milton. "Like all Soundcrafts, its mic pres are warm and the British EQ is very pleasing to the ear. The MH4's layout is also extremely straightforward, which was certainly an important consideration. After a bit of training, everyone in the church's audio department, including lay people, easily understands how to programme mute groups, utilise the VCAs and otherwise capably get around on the desk.

"The modular design of the MH4 was another big plus, as was the fact that it can dually serve as a front-of-house and monitor mixer. With 16 auxiliaries available, there's no need for a dedicated monitor board. And certainly the church was very pleased with how well their other Soundcraft has held up over the years. All in all, the MH4 is a very cool console and, after seeing this one, I know we'll be adding one to our own rental inventory soon."

As part of the retrofit, PWS has custom-built a new patchbay system comprised of seven patch panels to support all of the MH4's and outboard racks' I/O needs.

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