Nov 02, 2000

Music Venues

CM Go Digital with Spirit

--London’s CM, formerly known as Community Music Ltd, the music education charity famous for launching the career of Asian Dub Foundation, has taken delivery of its latest donation, a Digital 328 console from Spirit by Soundcraft.

Alison Tickell is development director at Community Music. She explains why the 328 has been so useful.

“We’re now able to complete the production process and finish material for our emerging artists. We’re now able to deliver, amongst other things, a Certificate of Higher Education and the Spirit Digital 328 is being used in tandem with all the gear at the University of Westminster, where they have twelve productions studios. With the studio facilities here and there all the students on the ‘Step Up’ course can make a album’s worth of finished music, which we’ll then help them to promote. The 328 is now the main console at Community Music, so there’s a lot of demand to use it”.

One of the students on the Step Up course using the desk is MC Sensor.

“The way you can snapshot settings is wicked,” he enthuses, “There are plenty of people using the console every week but you can just go back to exactly how you left it at the touch of a button. Once you get your head round not having every channel laid out in front of you it’s really simple to operate”.

Spirit Digital 328 is used by a huge range of artists including Asian Dub Foundation, Sasha, the Lightning Seeds and the Manic Street Preachers.

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