Apr 02, 2001


Bowtie TV's New OB Truck installs Soundcraft B800

--One of the fastest growing OB facility companies in the UK, Bowtie TV has just unveiled the latest addition to its fleet of vehicles. Known as Unit 6, the new production OBV incorporates a 36-channel Soundcraft B800 console at the centre of its audio capability.

Since it went on the road, the serial digital widescreen-capable Unit 6 has been regularly booked by Liverpool FC, parked at the Anfield ground where it is used for the club's own broadcasts.

One of the most highly specified vehicles in its class, Unit 6 is available with up to 6 Sony cameras, 4 VTR devices, Leitch routing systems and a Trilogy talkback system. "At the moment, it seems the choice of audio consoles is between Soundcraft and Calrec," says Bowtie director John Knopp. "The specifications are very similar, but we went with the Soundcraft B800 because of a more competitive price and very fast delivery times."

Unit 6 was commissioned because Bowtie TV's owners John Knopp and Stephen Fox are anticipating significant growth in the facilities sector in 2001/2002. Bowtie TV's vehicles are currently used regularly by ITN, by Action Time which produces studio-based material such as cookery and science programmes, and by Racetech, which broadcasts horse-racing. The company also enjoys substantial success as a sub-contractor to major OB facility providers such as Carlton 021 and CTV.

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