Mar 17, 2008

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Assanee & Wasan, Ram-Rai Concert

--17th November 2007 is a day to be remembered for bringing back the rock era of the 70’s & 80’s with two of the most popular pioneering Thai rock artistes.

Assanee and Wasan Chotikul, two brothers, still have a strong following of local fans and have been strongly supported by the music industry there for over 20 years. Their latest concert took place in one of Thailand’s biggest outdoor stadium venues, Rajamangala National Stadium.

With a sell-out attendance of more than 50,000, it was hailed as the biggest concert of the year, organized by GMM Live and coordinated with More music.

To fulfill the requirements of this special mega-concert, all sound, lighting and visual equipment was specially selected to ensure optimum performance.

Ten Years After Audio (TYAA), one of the front runners in the audio rental industry in Thailand, was chosen to provide the live sound system for this "Assanee & Wasan, Ram-Rai Concert". TYAA, a longtime user of JBL Vertec, deployed Vertec line arrays throughout the entire venue.

The system included a total of 54 VT4889 Full-Size Line Arrays enclosures, configured as 30 enclosures for Left and Right main arrays with 4 clusters of 6 VT4889 for Delay Fill to the audience on the stadium rows. In addition, 6 VT4888 Mid-Side were employed as out-fill for increased horizontal coverage. Also a total of 36 VT4880 Full-Size Arrayable Subwoofers were located with main Left and Right to provide extended Low-Frequency support for high level Rock n’ Roll music. All Vertec units were powered by a total of 70 Crown MA-5002VZ amplifiers which is a perfect complement for the Vertec system.

Signal processing for all clusters was handled by 6 units of BSS FDS-366T Loudspeaker Management Systems, working independently for their own zones. All incoming signal feeds of the FDS-366T were directly from the Front-Of-House mixer.

TYAA rightly chose Soundcraft’s Digital flagship console, the Soundcraft Vi6™ Digital Live Sound Console as the Front-Of-House mixer, which is the first time a digital console has been deployed for such a special event here.

With technical assistance from Harman Pro’s exclusive distributor for Thailand, Mahajak Development Co., Ltd, the mega-concert went perfectly well without any hitches whatsoever.

With the processing power, flexibility and stability of the Vi6, what were once difficult tasks with multiple outputs that required individual delays and dynamic processing became a 'piece of cake'. Other very useful features within the Vi6 included the 30-band BSS Graphic EQ for every output and built-in Lexicon Effects, quick access to the desired functions through 5 Vistonics touch screens also made operation easy.

Besides the fact that the use of a Digital F.O.H. console for such a mega-concert is practically unheard of in Thailand, all connectivity between Stage Box of the Vi6, which is located on the stage area was state of the art and solely via fibre-optic link.

This mega-concert was one to be remembered in Thailand, having applied the largest assembly of sound, lighting and visual equipment as well as the latest technology currently available in this industry

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