Sep 03, 2000

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Alpinestars get into the Spirit

--The Alpinestars, Manchester’s hotly tipped dance duo, have been using a Spirit Folio FX16 as their on-stage console for their critically acclaimed live show. The pair, Glyn Thomas and Richard Woolgar, are set to storm into the nation’s consciousness with the release of their debut album, BASIC.

“We felt it was the best mixer we could get for the type of money we had when we were putting our kit together,” explains Glyn, “On stage, almost everything’s going through it. There’s a vocoder vocal, eight channels of sample sounds and all our keyboards. It’s only the guitar and vocals that go straight to the front of house desk”.

“The built-in effects sound great and come in very handy, especially the delay and reverb. When we’re not playing keyboards we start messing around with those effects”.

“We’ve done about twenty gigs so far with it,” continues Richard, “Including the Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds Festivals. It hasn’t let us down at all. We had a Folio F1 beforehand which was great. We used it for recording. In fact, most of the album was mixed on it. But the FX16’s effects and channels makes it perfect for our live show”.

Spirit consoles are used by a huge range of artists including Asian Dub Foundation, Sasha, the Lightning Seeds and the Manic Street Preachers.

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