Oct 01, 2002


Adlib Audio See MH4’s As The Way Forward

--Soundcraft’s successful new mid-price, multipurpose MH4 mixing desk is continuing to make an impact with the UK’s leading sound rental companies.

Liverpool-based Adlib Audio are the latest premier league rental company to purchase both 40- and 48-channel frame versions of the new console.

Fitted with four stereo mic/line inputs the MH4 serves as either a dedicated front-of-house or monitor desk (or a combination of both) … attributes which Adlib MD, Andy Dockerty had been seeking.

To the delight of colleague and sound engineer, Dave Kay, the 48-channel desk went straight out with up-and-coming Liverpool band, The Coral, where he was mixing at front-of-house.

Andy Dockerty explained, “We are finding that in our marketplace — typically the 1,000-2,000 capacity venues — we need a reasonably high-spec desk in a relatively small footprint, which the engineers will be happy with.

“I liked Soundcraft’s Series 4, which delivered a lot of product in a small footprint. But the MH4, which can go at either end of the multicore, fills a nice gap in the marketplace and enables us to package our systems as competitively-priced one-offs … which is appealing to promoters and compatible with the style of work in which we specialise.”

In particular he drew attention to the VCAs, mute groups and stereo returns, the “remarkably clean ” mic preamp and the newly-designed EQ.

“I don’t think there’s any board with that specification, which sounds that good for that money. It makes perfect sense for us — and particularly for Dave Kay, who loves the way it sounds.”

Kay says. “It’s a very musical desk. Sonically it gives you the wow factor the second you start using it. It just sounds amazing. Soundcraft have really cleaned up the signal path — stripping out a lot of the old components — and it’s the kind of desk that makes you want to drive it harder, resulting in an even cleaner, transparent sound, reminiscent of the old valve technology.”

“At first glance you may not notice some of the features but when you start to use it you sense the amount of power under the lid, how great the EQ is, the number of mixes and auxes and the way the sub grouping works.“

“It’s also very well laid out, with a separate fader tray from the raked EQ and aux section, and the desk construction feels much more robust with a much higher build quality.”

Kay first trialed the MH4 over the summer at some student balls and instantly recognised that at front-of-house it ranked alongside boards way higher up the performance spectrum. “Every time I have used it I have been in awe — and if I had my way I’d be out with one every day,” he continued. “It delivers everything it promises and more.”

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