Mar 30, 2005



--As a company providing events management and production for major-league corporate clients, Aztec Events’ service has to be second to none. So when the company needed new mixing desks, it opted for a total of four Soundcraft GB4 consoles.

“We bought the mixers to use in conferencing environments, although we do events including product launches and fashion shows, as well as meetings of all sorts,” explained Aztec warehouse manager Samer Sahmani. “One of the reasons we went for them is that our older desks are Spirit by Soundcraft, which we have had for some years.

“We have had good experiences with them and they are in constant use on a daily basis,” Sahmani added. “We have been very satisfied with the quality of sound, as well as their reliability and low maintenance requirements.

“Mixing desks aren't something you buy on a daily basis. When we bought Soundcaft the second time round, we did so in the knowledge that we would be using them for years to come.

“We did look at other makes,” Sahmani revealed, “but it was a combination of cost, quality and the level of control we had with the GB4, as well as our past experience, that formed the basis of our decision. In addition, we heard positive feedback from other companies that were already using the GB4, which is always a good sign.”

Aztec chose the 16-channel configuration of the GB4, which also offers two stereo channels and four group outputs. So is it true that the company is now looking at the larger GB8?

“Correct!” Sahmani affirmed. “It’s built on the same basis as the GB4 but with four stereo channels and eight group outs. For some of the more dynamic work we do, especially if it involves a live band, the GB8 would be ideal.”

Aztec Communications Group Ltd is now part of Corporate Audio Visual Plc.

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