Jun 04, 2014

Music Venues

ACE hand at Chang Jiang International Music Festival

ZHANJIANG, ChinaThe 2014 Chang Jiang International Music Festival was held in Zhenjiang recently, drawing 90,000 music fans to see acts including Nile Rodgers, Wu Bai, Melody Chiang playing over the course of three days. Gracing the outdoor stages was a selection of equipment from JBL, Crown and Soundcraft catalogues provided by Harman Professional distributor, ACE.

The festival used three stages – the Yangtze River stage, which hosted artists from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the Jinshan stage, with American and European artists; and the Rock Stage, which was set up for local rock bands.

The PA system at the Yangtze Stage featured 24 JBL VTX V25 line array elements, a combination of 12 VTX S28 and G28 subwoofers, 16 STX812M loudspeakers as stage monitors, eight JBL VerTec VT4888 line array elements as front and side fills. The system was powered by 32 Crown I-Tech 12000 HD, eight I-Tech 6000 and two I-Tech 4x3500 HD amplifiers. The Jinshan Stage featured 24 VerTec VT4889 elements as the main PA, 16 VT4880 subwoofers and eight VT4888 loudspeakers as front and side fill. This system was powered by 24 Crown I-Tech 12000 HD, eight I-Tech 6000 and two I-Tech 4x3500 HD amplifiers. Two Soundcraft Vi6 mixing consoles were used at these stages.

"Installers like VTX and VerTec systems for these events because they have the capacity to put out high volumes of power and high levels of clarity in an outdoor environment," says ACE VP, Ben Lui. "Also, the PA system is able to power through a huge amount of performances day and night in very hot weather conditions. The combination of JBL and Crown makes this possible, without additional guesswork."

"The audio engineers from the bands as well as some of the audio instructors were blown away by the fidelity of our VTX system," Lui adds. "The high frequencies were incredibly accurate, while the low ones packed a hard punch. The entire integrated system performed perfectly without any failure and zero distortion."

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