Mar 30, 2005

Recording & Remixing


--Technology education leader Full Sail reports that it has just upgraded its student recording facilities with the purchase and installation of a dozen Soundcraft Ghost LE consoles, bringing its current count of Ghosts up to 18.

A mix of 24- and 32-channel models, most of the Ghosts are being employed in the school's Analog Mix Lab, with an additional instructor console located in a nearby classroom, while the remaining desks are utilized in another analog lab used to teach tape calibration.

"Our Ghosts are in use around the clock by novice operators, so they undergo a significant amount of abuse--certainly more than an experienced studio engineer would ever put them through," notes Full Sail Recording Arts Program Director Bill Smith. "Despite that, the initial lot of consoles we bought in 2001 have been practically bulletproof; there have been no failures and our only issues have been minor wear-and-tear-type things resulting from their extensive use. However, for guaranteed reliability and to maintain the highest standards of quality that we can provide for our students, we have chosen to replace some of our original consoles with new ones at this time."

Smith adds that Full Sail's faculty and students have all been very happy with the Ghosts and that there was no question that the school would again turn to Soundcraft's eight-bus analog recording desk when upgrading. "We find that the Ghost's intuitive signal flow and comprehensive feature set mesh well with our educational needs and teaching approach," he says. "Plus, the console sounds great, which is certainly very important to us. Seeing that Soundcraft is a Harman International company, it's also a 'given' that the products are not only highly reliable but backed by excellent customer support as well."

Aside from its Ghosts, Full Sail's Recording Arts department has added a considerable number of other Soundcraft products over the past year and a half, including 26 Spirit FX16s for the facility's MIDI Lab, as well three Series TWOs and three Spirit Monitor2 desks. Furthermore, the school's Show Production & Touring department has very recently purchased a pair of dual-mode Soundcraft MH3 consoles--one for front-of-house use and the other for monitors.

Located in Winter Park, Florida, Full Sail Real World Education's world-class multimedia complex currently hosts over 5,000 enrolled students pursuing degree programs in recording arts, film and video production, digital media, computer game design, live show production and computer animation. For more information, visit

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