Dec 01, 2000

Music Venues

93 Feet East - New Live Music Venue For London

--London has a brand new live music venue in the shape of 93 Feet East, an independently owned club sited in the former Truman’s Brewery complex in Brick Lane, east London.

93 Feet East has a capacity of between 500-600 in the main room and bar areas. There is also a recording studio on site, which will be connected via tielines to the live venue, enabling performances to be recorded and broadcast on the Internet. The music policy is alternative, from electronica to drum ‘n’ bass, and early bookings include Cold Cut and the Sneaker Pimps.

Front-of-house control is provided by the new Series TWO console from Soundcraft, supplied by Marquee Audio. Technical Manager and sound engineer Paul Epworth explained that, “this desk has a very open sound, considering its price. It’s easy to place sounds in a mix, and, like the Soundcraft K3 which I’ve used before in live situations, the EQ is very sensitive. It’s a very flexible console.”

93 Feet East has a Funktion One Resolution PA system, installed by Blue Box from Sussex, comprising four full-range horn-loaded Res2s, two classic Funktion One 218 hornloaded bass enclosures and two of the single version F118s, powered by four QSC PL236 Powerlight 2 amplifiers and two QSC PL230 Powerlight 2 amplifiers. Also included are two XTA DP226.

Four flying positions have been incorporated into the venue so that the Res2s can either be configured one in each corner for dance events or as a pair either side of the stage for live band orientated events, the custom-built flying yokes enabling quick relocation of the boxes. “It’s almost an insult to call this a PA system!” says Paul Epworth, “It’s like working inside a gigantic hi-fi - really crisp, clear and very easy on the ear, it sounds a lot louder than it actually is. I’m a big fan of Tony Andrews’ designs so we also tried out a Floodlight system, and there was no comparison. The Res2s have no coloration, they give you exactly what’s intended in the music so, after that, it’s down to the mix on the console. Great speakers, clean console - storming result!"

Soundcraft Series TWO supplied by Marquee Audio. Installation by Blue Box Ltd.

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