August 15

August 15, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions Offers Premium Sound for “Most Memorable Is Hangzhou” Public Performances

Acclaimed performance from the G20 Hangzhou Summit deploys cutting-edge audio solutions by JBL, Soundcraft, Crown and BSS for its highly anticipated public debut

HANGZHOU, China—Impression Wonders Arts Development Co., Ltd.  recently deployed a complete HARMAN Professional Solutions audio system for the public debut of “Most Memorable Is Hangzhou.”

Staged with Hangzhou’s famous West Lake in the background, “Most Memorable Is Hangzhou” was originally created to welcome visitors to the opening gala of the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit. The G20 performance became an international sensation and even received praise from Chinese President Xi Jinping for its innovative visuals, breathtaking stage design and stunning musical performances.

Thanks to strong interest from the public, Impression Wonders Arts Development and director Zhang Yimou created a new version of “Most Memorable is Hangzhou” with enhanced visuals, interactive effects and an updated audio system design by Mr. Jin Shaogang, a legend in the Chinese audio industry.

The production presented several unique challenges. The seating capacity for the public performance increased from 1,200 to 2,000 with the addition of 800 retractable seats. Additionally, the seating was distributed sporadically throughout the venue, making it difficult to achieve consistent audio coverage. Furthermore, the audio system was deployed on the water in two boats, so it needed to withstand the elements.

Shaogang selected JBL VTX Series speakers, JBL AE Series speakers and JBL EON Series speakers to deliver a premium audio experience that would match the show’s stunning visuals. The entire system was powered by Crown I-Tech HD Series amplifiers, and mixed using Soundcraft Vi Series digital mixing consoles and BSS digital audio processors. HARMAN distributor ACE provided the audio solutions.

August 11

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August 11, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound System Featured At Mega Star Arena in Kuala Lumpur

Multipurpose venue looked for flexible system to cater to different entertainment requirements

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – When installing a new sound system in their multi-use facility, The Mega Star Arena (MSA) team turned to HARMAN Professional Solutions to help implement a solution which would offer flexibility to produce a variety of events.

MSA, located in Kuchai Lama, is ideally located to cater to major events and performances in the country. The venue features an 18,000 square foot (1672 square meters) flat floor open plan hall that can be customized according to each events’ needs. The venue also features a vast array of the latest, fully integrated audio-visual technology solutions with free WiFi access. It is a multi-dimensional venue which acts as a performing theater, mega event venue, convention facility for corporates and seminars and even a church gathering on Sunday.

Mega Star Arena was conceptualized to be a one stop center not only to be able to cater to different events but also to ensure that it possessed state-of-the-art audio visual equipment thereby enabling the best experience for their clients and their customers. It was critical that the Audio-Visual technology is able to cater to a wide array of requirements from a corporate conference to a large scale concert. In this aspect the choice of sound system was an important factor.

“We wanted to provide a full-fledged audio visual system in house to cater to our customers’ requirements,” said Paul Wong, Owner, Mega Star Arena. “From a conference to large scale concert, we are able to provide expert and reliable assistance to ensure a customer’s vision is executed successfully and professionally. HARMAN Professional Solutions has helped us meet those requirements and ensure our customers are satisfied”. 

HARMAN Professional Solutions partners in Malaysia, Mahajak Trio, was hired by the MSA Group to help them achieve their objectives of flexibility and quality. Working with the MSA Group leadership team, technical director, sound architect and designers, HARMAN’s JBL range of products was determined to be the best suited for the arena.

The team chose the JBL VTX V25 3-Way line array loudspeaker, as the venue was to be treated as a large arena for which the product is aptly suited, along with achieving the MSA Group’s vision to invest in the best available technology and sound experience. The systems were provided as a test case for a few months and after sufficient ground trials for live performances, they were recognised for their quality and performance and purchased by MSA as part of their inventory.

In addition, the JBL VTX V25 loudspeakers were complemented with JBL VTX S28 Dual 18” subwoofers to handle the low frequencies. The V25 speakers deliver powerful sound in a compact, lightweight enclosure that is perfect for a venue such as MSA.  Ensuring flexibility for the sound system setup is the JBL VTX-V25-AF frame structure that enables suspended or ground-stacked configurations for the VTX24 and S28 speakers, with all the relevant frame and pin holes to assemble the systems in place quickly and effectively. Driving the speakers are Crown IT 1200 HTD and 4X3500HD amplifiers that are racked onto a rugged Crown VRack system that is not only mobile but is fully protected from rough handling.

Mixing duties is assigned to a Soundcraft Vi3000 digital sound console that offers 36 faders and 24 mono/stereo busses. The Vi3000 also boasts a black screen panel with four Vistonics II touchscreen interfaces. The four touchscreen interfaces offer the option for two engineers to operate the console at the same time.

The console is also complemented with a Soundcraft Realtime Rack Ultimate Sound Plug-in Engine that offers 74-plug ins. The Soundcraft Realtime Rack provides access to Universal Audio's acclaimed analogue audio processing emulations and award-winning UAD plug-ins. Realtime Rack software gives Vi console operators all the control they need to insert UAD plug-ins on individual channels, auxiliary channels, and master busses - just as easily as real hardware. A comprehensive snapshot system allows total recall of all plug-ins and their settings, while tight network integration with the Vi Series ensures that all settings of the application are stored inside the console. The Vi3000 with the Soundcraft Realtime Rack in essence offers operators a powerful console that is able to recreate the ideal sound specific to the event’s character.

“We are privileged to be associated with Mega Star Arena and happy to have met their requirements to build an outstanding convention center in Kuala Lampur working with our partners Mahajak Trio,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “The HARMAN Professional Solutions’ suite of solutions at the venue showcase the ability of the systems to be deployed quickly for different configurations to meet the venue’s demands and enhance their customer experience.”


Products Used:

Crown IT 1200 HTD
Crown IT 4X3500HD
Crown VRack
Soundcraft VI3000
Soundcraft Realtime Rack Ultimate

July 31

Templelive3 email

July 31, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions Brings Modern Sound and Lighting to a Historic Setting at TempleLive

Prohibition-era performance venue selects a complete HARMAN audio and lighting solution to deliver exceptional sound quality and versatility for a wide range of events

FORT SMITH, Ark.—TempleLive, a unique performance venue with a prohibition-era aesthetic, recently installed a complete HARMAN audio and lighting solution comprised of JBL VTX V20 loudspeakers, Crown amps, Soundcraft consoles, AKG microphones and full array of Martin lighting fixtures. Originally constructed in 1928 as a Masonic Temple, the building was recently redeveloped as a modern performance and event center by Temple Holdings, LLC, a wholly owned affiliate of Beaty Capital Group, Inc. The end-to-end HARMAN system provides TempleLive with tour-grade production capabilities for a wide range of events, including concerts, plays, weddings, awards ceremonies, corporate meetings and more.

“The decision to go with the VTX line from HARMAN has substantially contributed to an enthusiastic reception from the live performance community regarding the performance space itself,” said Mike Brown, VP of Acquisition and Development, Beaty Capital Group, Inc. “TempleLive will host acts across all genres, including comedy, country, rock, symphonic, plays, sports and e-sporting events. The booking agencies have been excited about the location and very receptive to the venue overall.”

“We are honored to have been selected as the exclusive pro audio and lighting provider for TempleLive’s Arkansas venue,” said Eric Elwell, VP of Business Development, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “We are also excited about the possibility of outfitting other TempleLive venues, including the Masonic in Cleveland, with cutting-edge HARMAN audio and lighting solutions.”

TempleLive is a 1,200-capacity auditorium that features the artwork and architecture of the original space, including a three-tiered seating scheme. The highest tier contains balcony seating, followed by reserved seating on the main level in a downward slope toward the stage. Finally, the pit area closest to the stage can accommodate extra seating or standing room for general admission. With the new HARMAN audio system, TempleLive can deliver high quality sound and full audio coverage across the entire seating area for any concert or event.

“When choosing a system to meet the engineering specifications of the venue, HARMAN met or exceeded all of my requirements,” said Lance Dierker, audio engineer and acoustic consultant. “The VTX V20 rig delivers complete audio coverage over our entire seating area, ensuring that every guest receives the same superior listening experience. Integrating BSS processing into Crown’s long tradition of quality amplification made I-Tech and VRack systems an easy choice to drive the VTX PA rig. The Soundcraft Vi Console provides great versatility for traveling acts, whether they carry their own front of house rig or not. When they do have their own FOH, we use the Vi console as a versatile monitor desk to drive our JBL bi-amped wedges and three-way side fills. AKG microphones deliver top-of-the-line quality, and Martin Lighting has been making lighting designers very happy for years.”

July 25

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July 25, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions Delivers a Superior Audiovisual Experience at Vietnam’s Capella Gallery Hall

Luxurious convention center equips five ballrooms and lobby with JBL Professional, dbx, Soundcraft and Martin solutions to deliver a premium guest experience 

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam—Opened in November 2016, the Capella Gallery Hall is an upscale convention center in downtown Ho Chi Minh City. Featuring striking modern architecture and gorgeous interior design, the multifunctional space hosts a wide variety of events, ranging from luxurious weddings and private parties to international business conferences and industry conventions.

To ensure a world-class guest experience in each of its five large ballrooms and main lobby, the Capella Gallery Hall hired systems integrator Ba Sao Investment to implement a complete HARMAN AV solution consisting of JBL speakers, Soundcraft mixing consoles, a dbx speaker management system and a Martin lighting rig.

“Since opening less than a year ago, we have quickly gained a reputation as one of the finest event spaces in the city, hosting very important conferences for local and international businesses alike,” said Quang Dat Vu, Technical Manager, Capella Gallery Hall. “In order to maintain a standard of excellence across all aspects of our events, I trust HARMAN products to deliver superior audio quality and reliable operation.

“Each of our grand ballrooms are outfitted with JBL Control 24CT ceiling speakers and dbx DriveRack VENU360 speaker management systems, which provide excellent clarity and perfect coverage,” he said. “JBL EON 600 series speakers and subwoofers provide high-impact sound reinforcement when our events feature professional entertainment, and Soundcraft Signature Series consoles ensure the mix is top notch.”

In addition to the HARMAN audio equipment, the Capella Gallery Hall installed Martin RUSH lighting fixtures in the Capella Gallery Hall’s grand ballrooms to enhance their elegant beauty and provide an engaging visual experience for guests. The Martin RUSH Multibeam 2 is a versatile fixture, providing powerful mid-air effects with its ten individually controlled long-throw beams. With fifteen gobos and seven colors, the compact and energy-efficient Martin RUSH Wizard delivers a large variety of dance-floor looks. The Martin M-Touch enables easy DMX control of the Martin RUSH lighting fixtures, allowing the staff to easily design unique looks to suit each event’s needs.

“The Capella Gallery Hall is a unique space that has been carefully planned to provide an exceptional guest experience,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, Asia Pacific. “We are privileged to have our products utilized by the Capella Gallery Hall and we are very happy to help the Capella Gallery Hall surpass their guests’ expectations.”

Products Used

JBL EON 600 Series Speakers
JBL Control 24CT Ceiling Speakers
JBL CS Series Mixer/Amplifiers
Soundcraft Signature Series Consoles
dbx DriveRack VENU360 Speaker Management Systems
Martin RUSH Multi Beam 2 Lighting Fixtures
Martin RUSH Wizard Lighting Fixtures
Martin RUSH SM850 Fog Machines
Martin M-Touch DMX Controller

June 28

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June 28, 2017

Now Available: Free Soundcraft Si Impact v2.0 Firmware for 80 Channels to Mix

Free firmware update, combined with Mini Stagebox 32i and 16i, can double mic channels to mix

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—HARMAN Professional Solutions today announced the immediate availability of Soundcraft Si Impact v2.0 firmware. The free update dramatically expands the mixing capabilities of the Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixing console by enabling 80 total channels to mix. The free 2.0 firmware update—along with new Mini Stagebox 32i and 16i, and free updates to ViSi Remote and ViSi Listen tablet control apps—double the creative options for all Si Impact owners. Examples of new configuration options are:

  • Users can now combine the 40 mix inputs on the back of the Si Impact console plus all 32 USB inputs for 72 total channels to mix.
  • Users can add a Mini Stagebox 32i or 16i as additional input sources, for up to 64 mic channels to mix.
  • Users can add a second MADI option card to the Si Impact console, and add two Mini Stagebox units. This configuration provides up to 96 microphone preamps, 136 total inputs and 80 channels to mix.
  • Users can add the Dante option card and work with 64 Dante channels to mix.

In addition, new versions of the ViSi tablet applications are now available to support the expanded Si Impact channel count. ViSi Remote 3.4.3 and ViSi Listen 1.1.1 are now available at the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Si Impact v2.0 firmware is now available as a free download at

April 26

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April 26, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions Releases the HARMAN Connected PA App Public Beta for iOS and Android

Public beta of new mobile app provides a centralized solution for intuitive setup, configuration and control for products in the HARMAN Connected PA system

NORTHRIDGE, CA—HARMAN Professional Solutions today announced the public beta of the HARMAN Connected PA mobile app for iOS and Android, available now. The HARMAN Connected PA is a complete, integrated system of live sound products that allows musicians and performers at any skill level to quickly and easily get professional results. The Connected PA app is at the center of the system, and provides one centralized interface for full audio system setup, configuration and control for products in the Connected PA product family.  

“The HARMAN Connected PA simplifies setup for PA systems and makes it easy to achieve great live sound quality, regardless of prior experience with traditional sound systems,” said Noel Larson, Senior Global Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “The HARMAN Connected PA is the first completely integrated live sound system that makes it easy to set up and get professional sound in minutes, and the groundbreaking HARMAN Connected PA mobile app provides essential controls for the entire system. With the app and an iOS or Android device, musicians can streamline speaker and mixer setup, get amazing vocal and instrument sounds with genre-specific presets, instantly recall settings by just plugging in and much more. Now, musicians can focus on what matters most—playing music.”

Connected PA products are embedded with HARMAN’s exclusive ioSYS™ technology, which enables the different elements of the PA to recognize each other and be configured automatically with the HARMAN Connected PA app. The app automatically identifies and configures connected equipment, provides setup wizards for quick and easy system configuration, and offers access from a variety of devices, including iOS and Android tablets. Compatible products currently include:

  • Soundcraft Ui12*, Ui16*, and Ui24R digital mixers
  • JBL PRX800** loudspeakers
  • dbx Di1 active direct box
  • AKG P5i microphone
  • AKG MDAi dynamic microphone adapter for Connected PA

HARMAN Professional Solutions plans to add additional new products to the Connected PA family to provide musicians with greater versatility and adaptable performance. 

*Requires firmware update to v6905 or higher   **Requires firmware update to v1.0.1.91 or higher

The HARMAN Connected PA app is now available from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Download the app, check it out with your compatible product and let us know what you think. 

The Soundcraft and JBL components mentioned in this announcement are all currently available but may require firmware updates to enable HARMAN Connected PA functionality. For additional information on the HARMAN Connected PA app and compatible products, please visit

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