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Soundcraft Si Compact 24Spirit Digital 328
Soundcraft Si Compact 32

Spirit Digital 328 Downloads

Cakewalk Instrument Definition ZIP 18.99 KB
Cubase VST Mixermaps ZIP 14.43 KB
Cubase/Nuendo MIDI controller preset ZIP 2.35 KB
Emagic ES-1 Audio Instrument MIDI Controller Preset ZIP 41.1 KB
Emagic Lexicon FX Editor Environmen v1.001 ZIP 43.62 KB
Emagic No MIDI Thru Environment Layer for one or two linked 328 consoles ZIP 8.48 KB
Emagic v1.x - v2.0 MIDI Automation Data Conversion Logic Environment ZIP 36.86 KB
Hyperterminal Set-up for 328 download (Windows) HT 0 KB
Main System Software v2.0 (Stuffit) SIT 329.45 KB
Main System Software v2.0 (Zip) ZIP 336.49 KB
MOTU Digital Performer Custom Consoles ( SIT 41.38 KB
MOTU MIDI Controller Preset for Digital Perfomer SYX 0.26 KB
Pro Tools 5.0 MIDI Controller Preset SYX 0.26 KB
Propellerhead Reason Controller Presets ZIP 0.96 KB
ReBirth 2.0 MIDI Controller Preset (Sit) SIT 87.41 KB
ReBirth 2.0 MIDI Controller Preset (Zip) ZIP 85.95 KB
SYSEX - Freeware MIDI System Exclusive Librarian (Mac) SIT 181.75 KB
SYSEX Solution 97 - Shareware MIDI System Exclusive Librarian (Windows) ZIP 385.23 KB
Tokyo 2.0 MIDI Controller Preset (Sit) SIT 91.68 KB
Tokyo 2.0 MIDI Controller Preset (Zip) ZIP 90.14 KB
XML file to allow control of Cubase SX 3 or Nuendo 3 from the 328 or 328XD consoles ZIP 2.9 KB
ZipIt (To unpack ZIP files on Mac) SIT 371.61 KB
ZTerm (To upload file from Mac to Mixer) SIT 305.88 KB

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